Brand Support

Full Coverage Brand Support

If you are seeking a brand and marketing partner who can meet you where you are, challenge you with fresh ideas and become a key part of your long term growth, then we would love to talk with you!

Our promise? In exchange for your trust, we will keep our process streamlined so that it not only supports your goals, it works effortlessly within all the other complexities of your growing business. Learn more about our process here.

We are ready to make the commitment necessary to transform you from being just another business into a memorable, profitable, and sustainable brand. Are you ready? Let’s grow!

My sales grew 20% within the first year of Kudzu managing my brand”-Nathaniel Ruland, Grace Jewelers


At Kudzu Brands, we want all businesses to have the tools and support they need to grow their brands in the market. We offer brand development in three levels as well as flexible brand management retainers for all size businesses. 

Brand Design

Taking your business through a branding or re-branding process doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Our proven process is available in three easy levels, and can be completed in as little as 45-days! Let us help your business or organization tell its unique story in a proven and effective way.

See the levels of brand design and development here.

Brand Management 

Let Kudzu take over! Effective and supportive brand and marketing management. Choose from a bank of hours or a monthly retainer, depending on your goals for growth!

  • Planning & Strategy
  • Media Placement and Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Development
  • Project Management
  • Social Media & SEO Coordination

Research & Strategy

Our goal is to help you grow. Period.  Not for the faint of heart, our strategies might require you to think bigger, make some changes and get out of your comfort zone.

  • Marketing & Media Plans
  • Online and Phone Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Employee Surveys & Training
  • Interviews & Focus Groups
  • Website Audits and User Experience Reports

Graphic Design

Graphic design is not just a pretty brochure. It is a strategic way to tell your story and communicate your unique values.When you need your sales materials to get noticed and to work to grow your business, you need the experts.

Our team of graphic design experts can provide your growing business full coverage support with:

  • Printed Collateral
  • Sales Presentations
  • Advetorials
  • Catalogs
  • Trade shows and events

SEO & Social Media

You have a website. You want to rank #1 in Google search results. You want more social media traffic. Let Kudzu Brands help you implement a plan that helps you achieves your online goals. We offer hourly or monthly SEO and social media support.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website & SEO Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Digital PR & Outreach
  • Content & Blogs
  • Google Display Ads
  • Social Media Plans
  • Social Media Management

Print Management

Kudzu Brands offers an in-house print specialist who can research, estimate and coordinate all of your printing projects. Contact us for a free quote on any print project here.


What is the typical investment for Kudzu’s services?

You can work with Kudzu Brands by the hour, by the project or on retainer. Our brand development packages begin at $4,500. Websites begin at $4,500 for a beautiful, branded WordPress site. We want all businesses to grow and do offer payment installments. For businesses needing fresh ideas, we offer hourly consulting at $150 per hour. Our retainer and project rate is between $95-$115 per hour. All brand and web clients receive 15% off hourly design rate and printing costs at our adjacent commercial print house for life. Start your growth spurt here. 

I don't live in your area. Can Kudzu still help me grow?

We can help businesses anywhere grow! The beauty of technology like Skype or GoToMeeting allows us to meet with you in your space and at your convenience.  Additionally, we can share all work with you online.  Schedule your consultation now.