One to Grow On: Inspiration


The Kudzu Story

Every great brand has a story. And, sometimes, because growing a business can be challenging and unpredictable, that story is one of difficulties and triumphs. Want to know ours? Here is an article written by Kudzu Brands CEO and co-founder Murphy Funkhouser...
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Are You Keeping Your Business from Growing?

Ask any business owner how they spent their day, and they will (proudly) give you a laundry list that includes everything from negotiating a contract to changing the lightbulbs to buying stamps to plunging the toilet. Somehow, a longer (and down and dirtier)...
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Stand By Your Brand

Sometimes its hard to be in business. But, if you love it, oh, be proud of it. Cuz after all, it’s just your brand. There was a time you were so passionate about your business. You couldn’t get enough of it. There was nothing you wanted to...
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