Oh, the places you'll grow.

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Growing Sustainable Brands 

According to the SBA, three of the top ten reasons businesses do not succeed are lack of planning (including brand/marketing planning), poor online presence, and inconsistent marketing support.

To support the sustainability of businesses and non-profit organizations, Kudzu Brands offers comprehensive, brand development and brand management that is affordable and accessible to all.

We’ve Got You Covered

• Comprehensive brand development, available in 4-levels
• Full coverage brand management services
• Memorable brand storytelling style
• Integrated strategy-everything working together to grow your brand
• In-house graphic design, social media, and website development
• A focus on educating and empowering our clients
• Pricing levels for all businesses

Which Service is Right For Me?

Are you a new business ready to put down roots?  Or, an established business growing in a new direction?

Does your business need ongoing support with multiple projects?

What is the typical investment for Kudzu’s services?

You can work with Kudzu Brands by the hour, by the project or on retainer. Our brand development packages begin at $3500. Websites begin at $4500 for a beautiful, branded WordPress site. We want all businesses to grow and do offer payment installments. For businesses needing fresh ideas, we offer hourly consulting at $150 per hour. Our retainer and project rate is between $95-$115 per hour. All brand and web clients receive 15% off hourly design rate and printing costs at our adjacent commercial print house for life. Start your growth spurt here. 

I don't live in your area. Can Kudzu still help me grow?

We can help businesses anywhere grow! We can meet with you via Skype or phone call. We can share all work with you online. Schedule here.

Let’s Grow

Request a consultation or a Kudzu Brands services menu by emailing us at: info@kudzubrands.com