Manufacturing a Great Brand

Great Brands Build Great Companies If you are an established manufacturing firm, chances are, you expect your product or your innovations to speak for themselves to grow and build your company. So, when sales are slow or a new competitor comes into the...
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The Don’t’s of Diversification

How does a brand grow? Branding Strategy Insider identifies four strategies for brand growth: increase its hold on its current market, develop new products for current markets, enter new markets for current brand, and develop new products for new markets....
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Blogging for Your Growing Business

By Frankie Barrett, Communications Specialist for Kudzu Brands Business owners today juggle so many different roles. From operations to finances, it can be hard to find time to grow your brand in the midst of the daily busyness of the office. Blogging...
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What Cheap Suits & Advertising Have in Common

My dad has always said, “the most expensive suit you own is the one you never wear.” Because a cheap suit is never worn, it was a waste of money. But a custom tailored suit might not be the right choice either. It is important to spend...
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America in a Can? Budweiser Changes Its Name

Budweiser Renames Itself America From May 23 until the November election, you can drink a can of America. Budweiser will change the names on their cans and bottles to “America.” Yes. The name of our very country will be written proudly and boldly...
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What Is Branding?

By Roy Williams, The Wizard of Ads “Branding” is the hot new buzzword favored by smooth-talking ad people who always seem to speak as though it were something new and mysterious. I have yet to find even one of these empty suits who has the slightest...
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