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Growing a Sustainable Brand

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What to Look for In a Branding Agency

What Should You Look for in a Branding Agency? There are many misconceptions about branding: what it is and who needs it. One constant– when businesses finally decide on brand development, they usually want it immediately. Business tend to ignore...
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Brilliant Branding Blue Ridge Chair Works

As a marketing professional, I like to think I’m impervious to a company’s efforts to sway my opinion. Usually, in my hubris, I’ll analyze a commercial, print ad, or blog post and pass judgement to myself. Blue Ridge Chair Works has convinced me...
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Why You Should Trust A Brand Agency With Your SEO

Branding and Search Engine Optimization In the halcyon days of Internet past, a website could rank well with only a few clever Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. As the initial clever tactics morphed into blatant search engine manipulation,...
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SEO for Summer Camps

I live in Black Mountain today because in college I worked at a local summer camp. I love summer camp, and I think this love started at Camp Anawana.   My first summer camp was a big YMCA camp that offered a the camp classics– archery, ropes...
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Getting the Most From Your Company’s Facebook Presence!

Who doesn’t love a good scroll through Facebook? Most of us do, and we use Facebook as a way to stay current with friends, community happenings, world events, and even brands that resonate with us! Your social media is your public face, and a way to...
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