You need ads that speak to the customer needs.

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When it comes to creating a marketing campaign, there is one purpose, and that’s to solve your customer needs with what you have to offer.

In order to be successful, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. Always remember your audience, consider their needs and pain points, and be thoughtful about how you can meet this need with an excellent solution. This will allow you to develop messaging that strongly resonates. 

So what do your customers need? And, how do you, as a subjective business owner, figure it out? Here are five of the most common types of customer needs and how you can help solve them!


Think about what it’s like to use your product or service. Test it out or have friends test it for you. Most customers are looking for something that will make their lives easier, not more cumbersome. With that being said, your product should be seamless and extremely user-friendly. If your customer has a positive experience, then it’s likely that others will too, AND you’ll receive great referrals.


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When clients come to Kudzu Brands for our famous Discovery session, a lot of ideas emerge! The most important ones are about how our clients can authentically connect with their target audience. Transparency helps create strong, trusting relationships with our customers.

People don’t simply desire the effectiveness of a product anymore. They seek honesty and a relationship with the brand they’re purchasing from. Once you gain your customer’s trust, you can build a loyal relationship, which will inspire them to share your business with their friends and family.


Remember, not every customer is the same. They will be at different stages in their lives, have varying demographics, and have many different needs. Having options will encourage your customer to remember you so that if a need arises in the future, they will return to your business. An example of options would be having different tiers of service, or perhaps various packages. This range also allows for more room for affordability, and therefore, more business!

Find out what your customer needs and appeal to that.

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People like solutions…and they want them to be fast and affordable too! Your customer is searching for convenience when trying to find the perfect solution to their problem. 

It’s important to highlight the convenience or extra benefits of your product or service. Really boast about its features, for example, “It arrives at your 

doorstep in just 24 hours”, “There are NEVER any backorders,” or “It only takes 10 minutes to set up!” These are the statements that will capture your customer’s attention. More importantly, make sure it’s true because you will need to stand by this promise!


When you are just another business, you will be judged on price and value. However, when you have established yourself as a brand of value and quality, the price becomes much less important! Think about Apple products. Price is never the first question on any consumer’s mind. It is more often, “How can I get it?” This is the type of demand you can establish by consistently delivering high value.

If you need some assistance with narrowing down your specific audience, defining their needs, and developing an effective marketing strategy for your business, contact Kudzu Brands. It’s our job to help businesses grow and be seen in the market. Call (828) 357-8350 or email