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By now, you’re familiar with the importance of website SEO. But did you know that Instagram SEO plays a crucial role in how your business is found? In the past, search on Instagram was limited to account names and hashtags. However, now you can use keywords to search a broad range of interests. Using the magnifying glass at the top of your app, you can look for anything from “brand agencies” to, in the example later in this article, “handmade dog leashes.” 

Quick SEO Refresh

When you optimize your content, meaning website and blog copy, videos, product pages, social posts, using relevant keywords improves your ranking and visibility. What you’re generating for your brand and marketing strategy works smarter, not harder. It takes time and research to do it properly, but work on the front end pays off in the long run. 

What is Instagram SEO?

Instagram SEO focuses specifically on your Instagram content using the same principles to help you attract a new, wider audience. When you optimize using best practices, users have a better chance of finding your posts. This results in more likes, followers, and overall engagement with your company’s brand. 

5 Tips to Instagram SEO

Implementing Instagram SEO is relatively simple, especially if you already have optimization experience. And, if you already have a content strategy, you’re doubly ahead of the game. But, even if you have zero knowledge, there are excellent online courses and plenty of other resources that will have you feeling confident in no time. 

1. Optimize your profile bio.

Include keyword phrases that appeal to your specific audience. If your business sells handmade dog leashes, in your account bio, write, “Our company creates and sells strong, handmade dog leashes for your beloved fur babies.”

2. Use keywords and phrases in your posts.

Post a picture of a customer’s dog posing in one of your stylish leashes with the caption: “We caught Fido at the park sporting one of our handmade leashes. Tag us in your favorite place to use your fur baby’s favorite dog leash!” 

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3. Include relevant hashtags.

Strategic use of hashtags will increase your visibility. Incorporating niche hashtags like #yourcompanydogleash #dogleashtownname and broader ones like #dogsofinstagram, #handmadeleashes, and #doglovers is an intelligent way to cast a wide net of Instagram users. Additionally, there are helpful hashtag generators to get you started. 

4. Introduce Alt Text.

Add custom alternative text to enhance photo descriptions. This feature is relatively new and initially designed for the visually impaired. However, it can increase the power of your image SEO. You’ll find the option in the advanced settings. 

5. Set Goals.

Once you’ve completed the strategy, it’s time to test the results of your work. Determine what matters most to you and establish your KPIs, such as:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Profile visits
  • Followers
  • Website clicks

From there, use Instagram Insights (it’s included with the app!) to measure your profile and individual posts.

Bottom Line

As with all social media platforms, the rules are constantly changing. To make the most of your content, keeping up with trends is imperative. A robust social media account includes being visible and engaging. When done effectively, like your website SEO, Instagram SEO emphasizes your company’s place in the market, unique selling proposition, and values. 

With clever planning and prime optimization, you can drive conversions and grow your business faster. Contact the Kudzu Brands team today. Together, we can ensure you’re easy to find in 2022. Contact us today.

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