Professional business branding.

If you’re a professional business, such as an accounting firm, attorney or financial planner, it may be time for a re-brand. Why? Because even though you are one of those “indispensable businesses”,  refreshing your look (AKA: staying relevant and in the “21st century”) and telling your story in a better, more compelling way could significantly increase your client base.

As a professional service, it’s possible that you’ve been around for a while. However, the difference between now and 10 years ago is that doing great work and having a great reputation is just not going to be enough to remain competitive. Yes, these are crucial to your success, but with a rapidly expanding economy and cities becoming increasingly crowded, you’re going to need to stand out.

Also, your story cannot be about how you’ve been in business for 30 years and how you always provide the highest quality of services. It’s got to be about how you provide something that other services do not. Your unique story must speak to the needs of your clients, especially those whose needs aren’t being met anywhere else.

If you are ready to stand out and remain relevant in your industry, we can help you tell your story and create an attractive brand that will shine in a crowded market.

How Kudzu Brands Can Support Your Professional Business

Professional business branding.

Determine What’s Missing

The most important part of being a professional service is determining who your ideal audience is and what they’re not getting from their current professional services. For example, maybe you’re an accounting firm in a rural area. Unlike other firms, you provide financial consulting for farmers. This makes you unique in your field (get it?). Dig into this niche and direct your messaging and your brand to your unique audience!

Design Your Look

Your brand is the first part of your business that customers see, so it should be engaging, memorable and reflect who you are! Our talented team of designers can craft a look that is uniquely for you. We’ll start by designing a brand mark or logo that represents your business’s unique personality and market position. After that, we can craft everything from print advertisements to social media graphics to help tell your unique story and “spread the word” in the market.

Attract Your Audience

Word-of-mouth is still the most effective marketing to this day. You’ll want to market to clients who will continue to spread the good word about you to their friends and provide you with positive testimonials. How do you do this? That’s where strategizing comes in.


Putting your brand out there is all about consistency as well as marketing in the right places to the right people. We can help you determine a plan of action and timeline, including social media marketing strategies, digital and print ad ideas, events, and much more and all with your budget and resources in mind.

Manage Your Brand

Once your brand has been designed and your strategy put in place, it’s all about protecting and managing it. Kudzu Brands helps take some of the pressure off so that you can focus on the bigger details. We will manage your print media, promotional efforts and social media accounts in a way that is in line with your unique story and audience.

Let Kudzu Take Over

Investing in a branding agency is all about getting a team of experts behind you. As a professional service, you need to focus on the bigger details such as running the business, customer relationships, and so much more. Knowing that you have a partner on your side that is growing your business right beside you is one of the best investments you can make in your business and brand!

If you are a professional service that’s ready to take off in the market, we are ready to support you in becoming established and well-known in your area. We are a full-service brand and marketing agency that has helped hundreds of growing businesses tell their story and make an impact in the market. Contact Kudzu Brands today!