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The Art of Gifting…and Branding

The Art of Gifting…and Branding

We would like to take a moment to applaud our star business of the month, Giftcrafts, in Black Mountain. This small business deserves the star branding award wrapped up with a pretty bow!

To rebrand this heritage business, we took new owner Jennifer Gwaltney through our brand discovery process. We developed a new logo and tagline to position Giftcrafts as not a gift shop by a shop FOR gifts. Jennifer took her new positioning and infused into everything from her retail signs, bags and gift tags. From the on-site gift wrapping to the conveniently sectioned store layout to her special “gift for the gifter”, Jennifer has created a very special place for anyone looking for a gift for any occasion….from A to Z.

Giftcrafts is looking stylish and has what you need to gift in style. Check out their new branding in the photos below. And visit them the next time you are downtown Black Mountain. You can’t miss their beautiful new purple and green facade and festive window decals printed and installed by Kudzu Printing Co.

How are you positioning your business to provide a superior customer experience?

Kudzu Branding Co., a full coverage creative agency just outside of Asheville, North Carolina, is where businesses go when they want to grow. Great branding is the ground level element of your successful business. You can use Kudzu Branding Co. to grow your brand with consulting, creative design or website design and management. We are at our best when working as a brand ambassador for all of your marketing projects.Kudzu Branding Co. is committed to seeing your business…everywhere. Email to receive a quote for your business. Contact us here.  

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