How can you use blogging to grow your business? Busy or not these tips from Kudzu Brands should help!


Blogging for Your Growing Business

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By Frankie Barrett, Communications Specialist for Kudzu Brands

Business owners today juggle so many different roles. From operations to finances, it can be hard to find time to grow your brand in the midst of the daily busyness of the office. Blogging is one way to maximize your impact without straining your schedule. Here are several ways that blogging can help your business grow!

Networking on the Net
Networking is essential to growing your business. New connections grow into customers, fans, employees, community partners, and advocates. Today, the most effective and flexible way to network is online. A blog is a great way to share your social media accounts and website to a new community of people who are interested in who you are and what you do. From the comfort of your office, favorite coffee shop, or home, you can bring your business into conversation with a broader community, expanding your network. Blogging is a way to directly reach new people where they are to introduce your work and yourself and how it relates to them. You will accumulate new clients as well as potentially making new friends!

Engage with Your Community
Blogging online creates a direct platform for customers, competitors, potential clients, and vendors to provide feedback, ask questions, and give kudos. Essentially, you can conduct your own market research–for free! If you want to put out a survey or introduce a new service or product, you can share it on your blog and get instant feedback, giving you valuable knowledge for matching your services to the needs of your target audience.

Spotlight What You Do Best
As an expert in your field, you can use your blog to highlight your strengths and establish yourself as a dependable, exceptional figure in your field. Are you amazing at customer service? Write a post on how to handle a customer complaint. Are you a medical professional who specializes in women’s health? Create a series that explores the major health issues that women face today, incorporating your unique perspective.

Your Work, Your Voice
A blog creates a space for your voice and your story. When you bring your true self to your blog, this authentic personal touch will set your brand apart. Here are some places to start: share the story behind your business, talk about what made you interested in this field, write about your favorite part of your work, update your blog when you travel or have a special event for your business, and spotlight your employees and community partners. Bringing your unique voice to your blog will show potential clients that you bring yourself to your work.

Rejuvenate Yourself
As you blog, you can learn a lot about yourself through this regular exercise of introspection. Taking this time to reflect on your work and your emotions can actually reduce burnout. According to a study conducted by James Pennebaker, PhD at the University of Texas at Austin, focused writing about emotions can have numerous health and psychological health benefits. So you are helping yourself all the while promoting your work.

Have Fun!
Blogging shouldn’t be tedious; it should be fun! There are so many ways to blog and you should find the style that is most fun and rewarding for you. If writing prose seems unappealing and tedious, you could put together a series of silly memes or compose a listicle….don’t know what THAT is?? Simply contact to learn more about creative was to promote your business! We look forward to helping you grow!