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Branding Matters

Branding Matters

I would like to call all business owners to order.

Your business, rather your branding, is on trial.

For the record, what is branding…again? Branding is your vision, your purpose, your story and your company culture packaged and shared each time a potential customer comes in contact with you; through your logo, your signs, in your store, on your website, and in your marketing collateral.

In short, branding is both the soul and the clothes of your business.

Which One Would You Trust?

Trust is the basis of any buying decision. 

Imagine you were interviewing two attorneys to represent you in a trial that could cost you or earn you lots and lots of money. The first attorney is nice enough (and qualified enough), but his suit is threadbare and doesn’t fit quite right. His briefcase is dated and his shoes are scuffed. When you ask for his credentials, he digs in all of his pockets before producing a plain piece of notebook paper that simply says , “Lawyer” with a phone number.  The second attorney is equally qualified, and just as pleasant. He has on a well-fitting suit. His briefcase is modern and sleek and his shoes are polished. When you ask for his credentials, he promptly snaps out a business card with his title embossed on linen paper. In the center of his business card it says, “The attorney who takes your case seriously is the one who takes himself seriously”. 

Which attorney would you hire? Better yet…which one would you trust? Your business is on trial for your customers’ trust every day. This trial will cost you or earn you lots of money!

You cannot expect potential customers to take your business seriously if you do not take yourself seriously.

The best way to show that you take your business seriously is by taking your businesses’ appearance seriously. Like a good suit, you need a well-crafted  aesthetic and message. Then wear those things consistently in all of your communications; your signage, your website, brochures and more.

Hire a Professional

When it comes to branding, I’ve heard everything from “logos are passe´” to “my cousin, the landscape architect knows how to do design. He can do my website and design my logo for free.”

Does the successful attorney scrimps and have his cousin teach him the law, for free? Would he have passed the Bar Exam, if so?

Having your brand professionally developed is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Do not cut corners. Do not go cheap. Work with a professional. You truly do only get one chance to make a first impression. Everything you put into the market should look fantastic!

Don’t let ’em see you sweat…and make sure you always look great!

 Kudzu Branding Co., is a full coverage creative agency just outside Asheville, NC. At Kudzu Branding Co, we are committed to seeing your business, everywhere. You can use Kudzu Branding Co. for a single graphic design or website project, but we are at our best when working as a brand manager for all of your marketing projects. From developing your identity or designing your website or collateral, we love what we do and it shows in everything we do for you. Email to receive a quote for your business. We offer small businesses a one-hour Growth Spurt Consultation for $250. We promise you will leave this consulting session with at least one idea to grow your business. Contact us here. 


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