Building a Great Brand: Branding for Construction

Good brands build trust.

For a construction or building firm, trust is a key factor.

Gone are the days of your work speaking for itself.  In order to attract and convert new clients in a crowded market, you must tell your unique story and communicate your promise in a way that immediately creates credibility and trust. This is called branding.

Just as you are mindful of all the little details when building a home, great branding is being mindful of all the little details in your sales and marketing process. Here are just a few ways you can quickly take your construction or building brand to the next level.


The modern, tech-savvy client is hopping straight onto their mobile device to search for you. Even if they love their neighbors’ new kitchen remodel and have heard nothing but good things about you from their neighbor, your outdated brand aesthetic or poor online presence could cost your their business. Internet marketing is key to developing new leads and contacts and – yes – even nurturing your word-of-mouth referrals. You must stay ahead of the pack with an attractive, professional website as well as getting in on the social media conversation so you can be found and stand out!

Website for Living Stone Design + Build designed by the team at Kudzu Brands

Message & Advertisements

Everyone loves a good story! Be sure when you tell yours, it is memorable and compelling. You don’t need to say a lot. Just tell them the best parts! What makes you the best builder? Do you have a process or system that helps you deliver on your promises? What is your specialty? What do you do that no one else can or will?

The key is to identify what you uniquely do and who you uniquely do it for. Don’t try to be all things to all people. When you are for everyone, you are actually for no one.

Ad designed for Living Stone Design + Build by the team at Kudzu Brands

Print Materials

Print ad designed by Kudzu Brands for Beach Hensley Homes

From your site signage to your business cards to your print ads, your print materials reflect your design sensibilities and the quality of the homes you build. All of your print materials should be as beautiful and memorable as your homes!

One to Grow On: Send your most people-friendly employees around the neighborhood with well-designed business cards and letters before any project begins. They can introduce themselves, explain work you’ll be doing nearby and encourage residents/business owners to call your office with any concerns or questions. This approach will pique the neighbors’ interest, potentially impress them, and could lead to requests for bids on the projects they’ve been thinking about for a while.

Uniforms and Appearance

Don’t get seen driving up to any project in a beat up pick-up truck. Your vehicle and your attire are a direct reflection of your brand. Represent with beautiful vehicle graphics and attractive uniforms for you and your staff. This small but important detail will reflect the professionalism your clients can expect from the work you will do for them.

Branded apparel designed for Living Stone Design + Build by Kudzu Brands

It is a proven fact that people form instant perceptions via appearances-and perceptions determine the perceived value of your company and determine the level of their trust.

From your website to your site signage to the Yelp or Google reviews that your clients are compelled to write, these are all brand touches. They create the sum of the market’s perception about your building company and your work.

Kudzu Brands in Asheville, NC has worked with many construction companies to lay a solid brand foundation in the market. Would you like to learn how we could help you? Schedule a free consultation and studio tour and get $250 towards any brand development or management package! Simply send us a note about your goals here.