A Compelling Brand 

Many companies think that they’re perfectly fine with their one-size-fits-all business card and word of mouth referrals. Unfortunately, that approach is not always sustainable. As the market becomes more crowded with other businesses vying for the attention of your customers, you must work extra hard to be remembered and to stand out! It begins with identifying what makes you unique and then telling your compelling story in a memorable way. This is known as branding. Here are 5 ways to initiate your business’ position as an enduring brand in the marketplace.

Be Willing to Make the Investment

By voluntarily spending well-earned time and money to cultivate a brand for your business, you’re investing in the equity or long-term value of your company. You are also communicating to your potential customers that you are professional, thoughtful and that your products or services have a high value. A professional presentation and cohesive brand elements lead customers to believe that you have enough capital to bolster your business and that you care about making the very best first impression. In other words, what people think of your business and what it can do for them matters!

Good Brands Take Root in the Brain

We are inundated with thousands of logos, advertisements, and images on a daily basis, but there are always a few that stand out more than others. The frequency that we see these ads and the quality and likeness of the images that we are exposed to both play important roles in this experience. People remember things that they like and feel endeared or aligned with.

If you have a brand that consistently exemplifies your story and makes people think of your business as a trusted, credible partner, or better yet, makes them feel special or cared for, they’re more likely to think of you when they require services that you provide. Remember – recognition and connection mean revenue.

Offer the Complete the Brand Experience

A strong brand is integral to all aspects of your marketing efforts. Not only does a consistently presented brand affect the way people remember of your business, but it also shows that you’re a valuable entity, not just a company. That said, a logo in itself won’t change your business – you have to prove to the marketplace that you can deliver on your promises rain or shine! How your brand is perceived is contingent on the promises that you make (and fulfill).

This means making your customer experience as attractive as your business cards and signs!

Bolster Pride

Generating a brand has one very important side effect: a culture of pride is created. Suddenly, if done correctly, you’ve created a key aspect of your business that envelops your values, vision, and aspirations. A great brand will create pride in your employees, thereby boosting morale and work efforts and will trickle down to your customers and help to establish a lasting impression.

Make More Money!!

Branding is the perfect vehicle to attract the masses…it is your best referral source. When consumers see your brand on your marketing collateral or on social media, they understand what it represents and they want to be included. It’s human nature. Differentiating your business from others, and identifying what makes you unique, can give you a tangible advantage over your competitors.

If you’re a growing business and want to take it to the next level by creating a marketable brand, work with the experts. Kudzu Brands works with businesses, large and small, to help define their voice, their brand, and their strategy. Just for coming in for a free consultation, we’ll give you $250 to use towards any brand, web or management package. Let’s grow!