How to Create an Effective Advertising Campaign

We’re exposed to advertising campaigns every day, whether we’re grocery shopping at our favorite local store, listening to the radio on the way to work, or scrolling through Instagram on our phones.  If done right, advertising can successfully draw attention to a business and create a meaningful connection.

The most effective way to make advertising work is with a well thought out advertising campaign. An advertising campaign is a series of ads created for a specific purpose, whether that’s increasing sales, boosting clientele or improving brand awareness.

This doesn’t need to be difficult, but, it does have to be done carefully in order to be effective. Here are some tips to help you successfully run your next marketing campaign.


1. Use Your Marketing Plan as a Guide

Does your business have a marketing plan? If not, make one! There are great guides online for creating simple marketing plans, even some as short as one page!

Your marketing plan is the roadmap for your business and should be used as a guide in order to start planning your marketing campaigns. It outlines the main services or products that your business provides as well as your target market. These things are critical for you to know for creating your marketing campaign, as they’ll help you determine your messaging!


2. Set Marketing Campaign Goals

What is the overall goal? What do you hope to achieve? By establishing your goals from the start, you’ll be able to measure the success of your campaign while it’s running. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, you may want to pay attention to the number of individuals who have been exposed to your ads throughout the entire campaign. From there, you can decide what you need to change or adjust. Setting goals along the way provides a compass pointing toward necessary changes to improve your overall campaign strategy.  


3. Determine What Channels to Use

Your target audience, outlined in your marketing campaign, will determine which channels you should use for your campaign. Are they millennials? Then you may want to utilize social media. Do they live in a specific neighborhood? Then you may want to contact a specific publication. Do some research, find out which channels your target audience is spending the most time using and utilize these channels to your greatest advantage!


4. Create a Timeline

Staying on track with your marketing efforts ensures consistency. This is crucial because one of the primary ways to make your brand known is by consistently maintaining a presence in the market. Determine deadlines and launch dates ahead of time. In fact, it’s a great idea to make 6-month calendars. Stick to this timeline so that you can stay on track with being consistent on your campaign deliveries.


5. Tweak and Repeat

After measuring the success of your marketing campaign, decide whether the efforts were successful in obtaining your goals. If the campaign increased your sales, then perhaps you should try it again the following year! If not, find out why it wasn’t successful and try something different. Don’t be afraid to adjust the campaign for next time. People love fresh content too!


It takes time and effort to coordinate a great advertising campaign, but the best campaign is better than no campaign at all. Why? Because it’s helping you focus on getting specific about your target market rather than throwing your fishing line into the vast ocean in hopes you will catch something. By having specific goals and watching the activity of your campaigns, you can adjust them over time and hopefully achieve the ultimate goals for your business. Whether it’s increasing revenue or simply getting the word out, it can all be done carefully with an effective marketing campaign.


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