A font is just a font. You should just choose the one that looks the nicest, right?


Choosing the typography for your logo, tagline, brochure, or any other marketing pieces for your business is a critical process-one that can mean the difference between telling the right story and the wrong one.

Let’s take a dive into the complex work of typography and find out why and when you should choose one typeface over another.

Decoding Typography

Like Ancient Latin inscribed into clay tablets, classic serif is as classy as it gets. It is typically used in very sophisticated industries such as Upper Education, Architecture and Interior Design. This typeface says, “I am mature, educated, and have been around for a long time.” Classic Serif includes fonts you might be accustomed to seeing, such as Garamond, Times New Roman, and Georgia. This font establishes your brand as more formal and elegant.

Decoding Typography

Sans Serif happened when Serif decided to modernize. It’s still classy, but does not include the anchors at the ends of each letter stroke. This omission gives this font a simpler, more minimalist feel. It’s perfect for more modern brands. It says, “I jive with the times,” and includes fonts such as Avenir and Helvetica. Sans fonts can also be used when you want your brand to feel friendlier and more approachable.

Decoding Typography

Slab Serif is an evolved form of Serif…with more bulk and more character. In this font family, certain sections of each letter are bolded, giving the text an overall more solid, heavy feel. This typeface says, “I’m bold, strong and have lots of character” Choose this font if your brand has something big (or fun) to say!

The script typeface is just plain fun! And not plain at all. There are so many different types of script fonts, from elegant and resembling the old writings of a quill, to bold and curvy. This typeface says, “I’m just about as creative as it gets,” and is excellent for graphic designers or photographers.  This font is good for brands that want to be perceived as playful, youthful or more feminine.

Display fonts are the wild cards of the font world. They are typically used as the brand mark itself due to their wide range of unique characters. They are completely stylized and can be truly one-of-a-kind so that your brand is unlike any other. Examples of display fonts include Disney, Oreo and Pizza Hut. This typeface speaks loud and clear and says “I am independent, man!” This font is good for brands that want to be truly distinctive.

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