The Kudzu Culture: Our Brand Promise to You

The Kudzu Culture: Our Brand Promise to You

According to Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company magazine, it does no good to develop your brand, if you don’t also develop your company culture. “You can’t be special, distinctive, and compelling in the marketplace unless you create something special, distinctive, and compelling in the workplace”

So, today, we ask you this: How does your brand shape your internal company culture? How does your internal company culture bring your brand to life?

A few months ago, we decided to put our company culture on paper. It hangs above every computer in our offices. It reminds us to live out our company brand and the intention behind it every day.

Want to know what Kudzu Branding Co. stands for, what our brand promise is? Read on.

Kudzu Branding Co. Company Culture

 We are, first and foremost, a business that people like and trust.

 Our employees are our partners.

 We are partners to our clients.

 It is not how good we are, it is how good we want to be.

 We make client service an art.

 We define expectations every time.

 We seek first to understand and then to be understood.

 We are a visionary, entrepreneurial business in growth mode. These are also the qualities of our clients.

 We give our clients confidence by explaining the outcome and how we will get there.

 Our workspace and our appearance reflect the quality of our company.

 If it needs doing, just do it.

 We value and encourage family and personal time.

 Kudzu is green. We promote recycling and sustainability of resources.

 We give back. We contribute to our community personally and professionally.

 We value personal entrepreneurship, professional growth, and relationships. Internally, we value health, personal best, personal growth, and, above all, personal happiness.

Photo Credit: Galileo Innovation Summer Camps, San Francisco, CA

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