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The Art of Gifting…and Branding

We would like to take a moment to applaud our star business of the month, Giftcrafts, in Black Mountain. This small business deserves the star branding award wrapped up with a pretty bow! To rebrand this heritage business, we took new owner Jennifer Gwaltney...
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Branding Matters

I would like to call all business owners to order. Your business, rather your branding, is on trial. For the record, what is branding…again? Branding is your vision, your purpose, your story and your company culture packaged and shared each time...
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Stand By Your Brand

Sometimes its hard to be in business. But, if you love it, oh, be proud of it. Cuz after all, it’s just your brand. There was a time you were so passionate about your business. You couldn’t get enough of it. There was nothing you wanted to...
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Take a Hike, Have a Beer: Telling Your Brand Story

To capture the brand story of a business, sometimes you have to go hiking and have a beer. When we begin our branding process, our clients come in for what we call a discovery session.  During this process, we dig deep to discover the who, what, why...
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The Power of Photography

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is good news in the branding business! Branding your business is all about telling your unique story with and without words. I recently had the  opportunity to help non-profit organization Bounty...
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It’s a BRAND New Year!

Happy New Year from Kudzu Branding Co! For 2014, we are excited to announce our own new logo and name! We have dropped the word “design” from our name to become your brand specialists. From now on, everything we do, from consultation to design,...
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