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Concierge House Calls

The bottom line of modern marketing is that people like personalization. Consumers expect a personalized experience, not only from the person at the front desk but from personalized Ads too!

The advertising days of Don Draper, creative director of a 1960’s advertising agency in the show “Mad Men”, are long gone. Branding had only just begun in the 1950s, and thus competition was low. People knew their main go-to products because they were the only ones available!

Over the past 50 years, people have evolved and marketing has followed suit. While you may have seen only two types of toothpaste on the shelf 50 years ago, now there might be 30 different brands!

With such density of competition, businesses have to go the extra mile, (or the extra hundred miles!) to get noticed in the crowd and to be sustainable, and profitable. Consumers don’t just purchase products based only on a need anymore. They make buying decisions based on emotions and a connection to a brand’s persona. They want to have a relationship with their brands of choice.

It’s time to fully embrace the modern consumer by creating personalized ads. Let’s find out how…

Ads need to show emotion.

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Collect Loads of Data

In order to create personalized ads, you’ll need to collect as much data about your target audience as possible. (If you don’t yet know who your target audience is, check out our blog, How to Define Your Niche Market and Stand Out!). There are many ways to collect data, including conducting surveys, communicating with people on relevant forums or social media groups, going to meet-ups, and observing analytics.

“Analytics often involves studying past historical data to research potential trends, to analyze the effects of certain decisions or events, or to evaluate the performance of a given tool or scenario. The goal of analytics is to improve the business by gaining knowledge which can be used to make improvements or changes.”

-Business Dictionary

While it can be costly to acquire software that can provide you with in-depth audience analytics, you can utilize readily available Google or social media analytics about how your own content is performing and with which audiences! See who is responding to which messages with the most frequency and you will start to get a good understanding of your target audience!

After you’ve done your data scavenger hunt, you’ll have a much more clear picture of what your customer’s specific needs are or what content they are most likely to be interested in.

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Create Buyer Personas

Now that you’ve collected data from your target market, create your avatar or ‘buyer persona.’ You can have several personas, of course, depending on your market. Different groups may need your product for varying reasons or may use the product in different ways. For example, one person may need a professional massage to heal an injury while another person may want one simply for relaxation. These will lead to two very different personalized ads!

Be sure to write out as much as you can about each persona. Include estimated information such as where they are located, their salary, their age and gender, their interests and hobbies, and anything else you can imagine!

Ultimately, you’ll be able to create very personalized ads for each specific buyer persona. Again, the data for each group will come from doing your research.

Write a Specific CTA

Statistically, personalized CTAs, or Calls to Action, convert customer leads at a much higher percentage than standard CTAs. If you’re utilizing digital marketing, there’s a tool called Smart CTAs, available through a marketing software platform called HubSpot. Using this tool, you can create a Call to Action that actually changes depending on who is viewing your advertisement. You can create lists that represent your target audiences and develop personalized CTAs for each of them. This tool is extremely effective, as your CTA is the final opportunity for you to convert your lead into a customer, so it better be good! View The Ultimate Guide to Smart CTAs to learn how to create a Smart CTA. If you’re using print advertising, make sure to leave an accurate phone number or other means of contact. Try to get creative with your CTA rather than using a standard message, so it will truly stand out in the crowd.

a personalized ad goes a long way.

Utilize Targeted Digital Ads

Targeted advertising is an excellent form of personalized marketing. There are many tools available that allow you to create ads to be seen specifically by your buyer personas based on their location, age, salary and so on. In modern marketing, the most popular form of targeted ads exists on social media. The best part about this is that it’s built in. Facebook, for example, collects all of the data for you. When you create your personalized ad, you can choose your specific target market and it will become visible to only them! Cool, right?

Be Transparent

For any type of ad, always be honest and transparent. People will always feel a more personal connection to an ad that is authentic. Move away from typical salesy language and craft your ad as if you were talking to a good friend…with formality of course! Part of creating a transparent feel is by finding the appropriate tone based on your audience. Younger millennials will probably prefer for your voice to be more informal, spunky and have a tinge of raw honesty. An elder audience may prefer a more formal tone. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and think about how you would sound during a face-to-face conversation with them.

Use the Power of Email Automation

Email automation is a prized possession of modern marketing. Similar to Smart CTAs, you’ll create a series of emails depending on various actions from your subscriber list. (Of course, you need to have a subscriber list first!) Then, the program will send out specific emails based on a schedule that you’ve created or depending on if your audience activates a certain trigger. For example, if you purchase an item from a business, perhaps you’ll receive an email that says thank you and asks you to refer a friend. Similarly, maybe your program automatically sends out emails when it’s someone’s birthday! No matter what the reason is, your audience will usually enjoy emails that are specifically catered to them.

If you need assistance with getting onboard with all modern marketing tactics, narrowing down your audience, or creating personalized ads, reach out to Kudzu Brands. It’s our job to help your business grow! Email us at katlyn@kudzubrands.com.