When Do You Need to Re-Brand?

When Do You Need to Re-Brand?

By Murphy Funkhouser Capps, Kudzu Brands CEO & Creative Director

Many business owners get a hunch it is time to re-brand when, after many years of success, they realize the website and the sales materials have not been updated since the 1990’s.

While refreshing a brand’s aesthetic or the website is important, and a good investment, there are other, more important, cues that it is is time to undergo the rebranding process:

  • Lack of clarity in your messaging
  • Your employees are telling inconsistent stories
  • You are not connecting with your intended audience
  • There is a lack of focus in your marketing efforts
  • You are in a sales slump
  • Your sponsorships or partnerships are not a reflection of your values
  • Your sales are declining or not increasing
  • You have new products or services
  • You are changing ownership
  • Your are ready to shift into a new market or demographic
  • You are ready to grow

Branding is a strategic process that provides fresh insight on your businesses’ vision and unique place in the market. After re-branding, Kudzu Brands clients report greater clarity, improved confidence and increased sales.

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