ACT Now Diabetes

ACT Now Diabetes

ACT Now Diabetes

Kudzu Develops Healthy, Vibrant Brand for ACT Now Diabetes Initiative

Raising public awareness about an important issue with an engaging brand, website and messaging strategy.

Our brand and website look so great and we are very proud to point people to it! We also want to thank Kudzu very much for your wonderful assistance with the photo and video shoot!” – Ellen Reker, ACT Now! Diabetes

Big Idea

ACT Now! Diabetes Awareness Initiative is a community campaign dedicated to raising awareness about Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes and to provide education about prevention for at-risk individuals in Buncombe, McDowell and Madison counties. They sought to develop a broad-based public awareness campaign about the seriousness, commonality and preventability of Type 2 Diabetes that included links to resources and help pages. They also wanted to educate those diagnosed about possible lifestyle changes to either dramatically reduce their chances of developing or significantly improve Type 2 Diabetes as well as reach or surpass a target of 750 engagements (website clicks).


The ACT Now Team came to Kudzu Brands to create a memorable, community-focused brand to reach those affected by Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Our team supported this goal with a great logo and professional brand photography and videography. We also built a supporting WordPress website to communicate important Diabetes-related information in a positive, easy-to-understand way.  We helped the client promote the new brand via social media (Facebook and Instagram) and other digital avenues by creating a comprehensive social media document that outlined messaging and post scheduling.


A beautiful new brand and website allowed ACT Now to reach their impression goal required to meet the terms of their grant. They also observed a 30% growth in Diabetes Management class attendance. 

See their website here.

Check out the video developed by Kudzu Brands, in partnership with Fiasco Pictures with original music by David LaMotte here.

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Project Details:

Branding , Copywriting , Graphic Design , Illustrations , Logos , Photography , Print , Websites