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Tech-Forward Online Presence for Notable Technology Company

Developing a brand and marketing strategy for making global impact in the technology industry.

We are so pleased with the work Kudzu Brands has done to redefine and establish our brand.  With this renewed direction, we are able to better compete in a global market.-Brad Everette, General Manager, America Ilsintech

Big Idea

America Ilsintech, a subsidiary of Ilsintech and a South Korean-based company, provides innovative tools for fiber optic communication. They wished to be known as North America’s premier high precision technology company. Known for their superior quality products and exceptional customer service, America Ilsintech aimed to expand their market presence and product offerings to better serve the American market. Additionally, they wanted to standardize the global company design and presentation standards so that the Ilsintech brand became recognizable across the world. 


Kudzu created a tiered B2B strategy that provided goals and tactics to reach all stakeholders.  Our initial step was to provide an uplift to America Ilsintech’s brand image across numerous platforms including sales literature, trade show and exhibit materials, and a brand new website. Additionally, Kudzu created new messaging and value-driven propositions that resonated with multiple channel audiences including end user, distribution and OEM customers.  Providing a cohesive look and strong messaging allowed America Ilsintech better visibility to the FTTH, Enterprise and OEM markets. Beyond the initial uplift, Kudzu Brands has continued to support America Ilsintech with ongoing brand management including product additions to their website, ongoing sales literature, lead generation mailers, digital marketing and social media management.   


Currently, the South Korean headquarters for America Ilsintech has been so impressed with the overall impact of the new brand image that they have implemented these changes globally. Kudzu is now incorporating the new brand standards into websites for all global subsidiaries.


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