North Carolina Arboretum: Eco Explore

Young girl looking at fern with magnifying glass
NC Arboretum

Young girl looking at fern with magnifying glass

Kudzu Brings to Life Designs for NC Arboretum’s EcoExplorers.

EcoEXPLORE is an incentive-driven science enrichment program that engages 3rd through 8th grade students in guided and self-directed science activities.  

This innovative pilot program, developed by the North Carolina Arboretum, combines science exploration with kid-friendly technology to foster scientific inquiry with an emphasis on fun and inclusion over formal achievement.

When the Arboretum wanted to create a lively brand for EcoEXPLORE in precisely this spirit, they contacted Kudzu Brands. The result was a series of interchangeable icons that can be used for program icons and badges to honor the achievements of our North Carolina’s youngest scientists!

Project Details:

Branding , Copywriting , Graphic Design , Illustrations , Logos