Kudzu Develops a Clean and Clear Brand Identity for Riverlink.

A clean new brand for a non profit with a clear mission to improve the water system in Western North Carolina.

Big Idea

Riverlink is an Asheville, North Carolina-based non-profit that works within eight counties to promote the environmental and economic vitality of the French Broad River and its watershed as a place to live, learn, work and play. They provide permanent public access to the river through conservation and recreation easements, reclaiming contaminated lands for public use and enjoyment, greenway development, creating free public overnight camping sites along the river, and much more. Riverlink sought to bring their legacy a refreshed look after 20 years of service in WNC. They wanted to retain the equity of the original brand mark while giving the organization a new face for their next evolution. They also wanted to create sub-brands to highlight some of their programs and for these sub-brands to be developed as a family of brands that all work together to execute the organization’s mission. 


Kudzu worked with RiverLink to provide a refreshed brand aesthetic. This uplift helped to pay homage to the legacy of the existing brand. It kept the same color palette-with a slight brighten for upgrading relevancy and re-activating awareness. We also provided Riverlink with a more polished, sophisticated look that was attractive to large corporate donors along with a comprehensive suite of sub-brand logos that pulled all sub-programs together into one cohesive brand family. Additionally, they gained fresh ideas on promotion and communication along with static organizational brand usage standards.


After years serving the Western North Carolina, RiverLink left Kudzu with a refreshed and modern brand to maintain their relevance in the community. Their new look maintained the same aesthetic and color scheme as their old brand, so their recognition was not at all diminished. They came away with a new perspective, more education, and greater confidence about how to roll out their brand into the market and promote themselves effectively.


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Project Details:

Branding , Copywriting , Graphic Design , Logos