SAFE of Transylvania

SAFE of Transylvania

SAFE of Transylvania

A Stronger Brand for SAFEr Communities

Supporting a non-profit in telling their story and raising awareness of their very important mission.

Big Idea

SAFE of Transylvania is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a community free from domestic and sexual abuse. They support victims by providing them with a safe space to stay, various services, and consistent advocacy in the community. This includes education, intervention and outreach in order to create a stronger and safer place to live. SAFE came to Kudzu Brands with the intention of uplifting their current brand to foster more interest in their purpose and to create a greater awareness of their support services. 


We assisted them by creating emphasis around their key service areas through vibrant colors, captivating imagery and memorable iconography. We also shifted their brand language to be more positive and put the emphasis on the positive outcomes of their work.


As a result of our efforts, SAFE received a beautiful, professional and personal new brand. We also provided them with attractive collateral such as water bottle stickers and informational trifolds to raise brand awareness and to make their contact information more available in the event of an abusive situation. SAFE also received a new website that presents important information in a way that’s easy on the eye and easy to find. It also showcases their team photography and has a chat function so that victims can easily reach out online. In addition, the website serves as a professional platform to present to potential donors.

See their website here.

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Project Details:

Branding , Copywriting , Graphic Design , Logos , Photography