Semper Fi Custom Remodeling

Semper Fi Custom Remodeling

Semper Fi Custom Remodeling

Building a Great Brand for Semper Fi Custom Custom Remodeling

Helping a local builder shift focus and achieve success by securing a niche in the home building market.

Big Idea

Semper Fi Custom Remodeling is a residential company specializing in single-family remodels and additions. They believe that excellence begins with following through on a commitment and doing it well. They lead with this integrity on every project and believe quality begins with thorough client communication. Semper Fi realigned their primary business to focus exclusively on home remodeling and home additions. Their primary goal was to have the community recognize them as the go-to expert in home remodeling in Black Mountain and the surrounding community. They also wanted to focus on top-of-mind influence for the eastern part of Buncombe County, and then eventually expand to neighboring areas.  


To increase brand awareness and sales of home remodeling contracts, we recommended that Semper Fi Custom Remodeling refocus their branding away from the custom homes angle and embrace their expertise in home remodeling aspect of their brand, language and messaging.  This included rebranding existing collateral and content including truck decals, job site signs and their website. Additionally, to gain traction as one of the leading providers of home remodeling services, we suggested that Semper Fi develop strong marketing pieces that communicated their new focus to existing and former clients, as well as the community.


This newer business is experiencing exponential growth, is adding staff, has opened a new office and looks forward to more growth in the future! 

In 2019, Semper Fi won Best Logo at the state level from the North Carolina Homebuilders!

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