The Rising Workplace

The Rising Workplace

The Rising Workplace

“Uplifting” a Professional Brand

Since completing their brand uplift, this workplace consulting firm has experienced a steady growth in sales.

The Kudzu team takes the time to understand our company’s vision and products. They are great communicators and all projects have been completed efficiently with a final product that is visually compelling and on target with messaging. David Weiner, The Rising Workplace

Big Idea
The Rising Workplace provides comprehensive on-site workplace injury prevention and ergonomic services for industries and offices. Their specialists are licensed physical therapy, behavioral health, and occupational therapy professionals, utilizing an industry-leading, evidence-based assessment model that combines on-site personalized inventories with software to accurately measure the interaction between people, process and the work environment. They had changed their business name due to feeling that it didn’t accurately reflect who they were, and so they came to Kudzu for help creating a logo that would reflect that shift and their true personality.

We worked with The Rising Workplace to develop a new logo that could give viewers an idea of who they were by simply looking at the image. We incorporated an image of a sun to convey the fact that they “Rise” and uplift a work environment so that it’s healthier and more efficient.

Since completing the rebrand in 2018, The Rising Workplace has experienced a steady growth in business. Kendra designed clean, professional and eye catching marketing materials that have led directly to new client prospects. Also, their new logo elicits the feeling of being “uplifted,” so now potential customers have a better understanding of who the business is as well as their mission and purpose.

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