The Big Idea

Based on a perception study, the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce sought to reposition and evolve their image. They wanted to shift from the current “buttoned-up” corporate impression to a creative, innovative, and collaborative appearance that reflects Asheville’s business community and economy.

The Strategy

To easily and succinctly convey everything the Chamber does, Kudzu Brands developed a unique brandmark, tagline, and ongoing campaign initiative. By making it easier to understand who they are and ALL they do, Kudzu created the Together We Are More campaign. It is designed to attract more members, stimulate deeper engagement, and make a wider community impact.

The Impact

Since the creation of the Together We Are More campaign, the Asheville Chamber’s image has evolved. The organization provides members more resources and services as a collaborative catalyst for business advocacy. In 2019, the Asheville Chamber of Commerce was recognized as the #1 Chamber of the Year and is recognized as North Carolina’s 3rd largest chamber in the state.

The Work