The Big Idea

Asheville Wellness Tours is the one-stop-shop for meaningful wellness experiences in the Asheville area. No matter one’s reason for gathering, Asheville Wellness Tours offers a wide array of experiences, helping visitors and locals alike connect with Asheville and each other through a wellness lens. Even more—they take care of every planning  aspect for their guests. From mountaintop yoga, to cooking classes, to tarot card readings, and more, Asheville Wellness Tours has something for everyone. 

As winners of Kudzu’s 2020 Brand New Start Giveaway, Asheville Wellness Tours snagged a Brand Development package worth $10,000. Through their unique partnership with Kudzu Brands, this growing company hoped to better articulate who they are and all that they offer. They aimed for a unified message that continues to serve their current audience, attracts other target demographics, and allows for possible service expansions.

The Strategy

With the overarching goal of a singular look and message that clearly communicates who they are and targets specific demographics, we got to work. Kudzu Brands supported Asheville Wellness Tours in crafting brand language that fully embodies the complete experience they offer to visitors, celebrants, and groups and in refreshing the brand aesthetic. Asheville Wellness Tours is now equipped with clear language and a refreshed logo, accompanying iconography, and collateral surrounding their various packages and services offered.

“I feel like the Brand Development process with you all prepared us for this recovery phase in ways that I’m still unpacking weekly and am so grateful.”

Nicole Will, Owner
Asheville Wellness Tours

The Impact

Poised with a curated new look and a clear, concise bank of language, Asheville Wellness Tours is ready to take on the post-pandemic flurry of travelers with ease. Kudzu provided brochures, business cards, and rack cards, ready to distribute to local partners and visitor centers across the area. Kudzu Brands even created a custom website implementation guide: a handbook detailing how to update the Asheville Wellness Tours website to align with their new brand. The Asheville Wellness Tours team is armed with the necessary tools to succinctly communicate their service offerings and customer journey—and to one day seamlessly expand into new markets.

The Work