The Big Idea

Carleton Collins Architecture is a community-focused architecture firm known for its thoughtful designs that both accurately represent the client’s vision and provide creative spaces for people. After working for various architectural firms, Carleton Collins was excited to begin his own company and build his name.

He sought a unique brand that could tell a powerful story and truly reflect his inclination toward community-based design.

The Strategy

While Carleton is the founder and key principal of the firm, the brand was to be presented as an entity, not an individual. We implemented strategies such as downplaying the name of his firm to avoid confusion in the marketplace and created a brand mark that would emphasize his “grassroots” design.

“With this launch, I cannot say enough good things about Kudzu Brands. After re-establishing my practice 20 months ago, I knew what I wanted to do and had a strong framework for the vision of Thoughtful Community Design. The Kudzu team helped me explore ideas, refine the message, create wonderful graphics, and provided me with an online tool (website) that will benefit the practice for years to come.”

Carleton Collins
Carleton Collins Architecture

The Impact

Kudzu provided Carleton with a new name that is straightforward in the market. His one-of-a-kind brand mark accentuates his focus on community-oriented design and artful style. Now, he is able to establish himself in the community as a builder with a specific intention that is unique to his name.

The Work