The Big Idea

FIRST connects persons with disabilities and their families with the resources they need to thrive in the community. Whether it’s coordinating with government agencies, schools, or community partners, FIRST’s knowledge and relationships help advocate effectively for their clients. FIRST believes that individuals with disabilities can thrive within the community and work tirelessly to equip families and persons with disabilities with the knowledge and support to make this a reality.

The Strategy

Kudzu’s long-standing partnership with FIRST has focused on a number of grant-based projects from designing their logo to creating complementary sub-brands and a wide variety of collateral. The FIRST and Full Circle logos are clean and easy to read, with subtle design marks like the “i” dot expanding (signifying forward momentum and the expanding social circles of the person with disabilities) and the interlocking rings in the Full Circle logo (the dotted circle is a nod to the FIRST logo and the other rings signifying the intersection of a person with disabilities and the world around them).

The Impact

Throughout their relationship with Kudzu, FIRST has established themselves as experts in the disability community with their education and training helping countless clients and their families find the resources they need. Their unified brands serve as a solid platform when applying for grants and their beautifully branded workbooks and worksheets guide participants through their various workshops and seminars.

The Work