The Big Idea

Love Your Options was created by Wendy Kirkland and her two daughters, Kim and Leslie, as a way to monetize Wendy’s hard-earned understanding of options trading and her passion for helping others find success along a similar path. Through this e-commerce brand, Wendy, Kim, and Leslie seek to provide educational materials, tools, and programming that teach their clientele options and trading strategies that help them attain financial freedom. 

The Strategy

This brand development project began with creating a logo and aesthetic to represent the business visually and convey its strategic position. Kudzu created comprehensive messaging to provide a foundation for communicating with target audiences. 

We designed and managed the development of, the brand’s e-commerce website, followed by a tactical marketing plan to help them achieve their marketing goals. Finally we developed marketing collateral to support the client’s brand and oversaw the management of marketing campaigns.

The Impact

Since working with Kudzu Brands, Love Your Options has launched their e-commerce site and is using their new brand image and collateral to build awareness, drive sales, and grow their community of burgeoning options traders. 

The Work