The Big Idea

Next AVL is a pilot program that emerged from the joined forces of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Coalition with higher educational partners in Western North Carolina. The program matches students who want to live and work in Asheville after graduation with leaders who can offer them connections, mentorship and professional development. They came to to Kudzu Brands to assist with the development of the Next AVL brand. They needed help creating compelling components to define the program, highlight the benefits and attract both students and professionals to participate.

The Strategy

Kudzu assisted Next AVL with creating a dynamic brand that effectively communicated the benefits of the program for both students and professionals. We created compelling and unique components to clearly define the program, highlight the benefits of it and provide ongoing support for the program’s initiatives. The brand strategy included messaging and language even for their participating universities for recruitment efforts into the program. Additionally, specific messaging and content was developed to show professionals how mentoring these students could cultivate a new generation of local workforce to select from that could potentially meet their hiring needs.

The Impact

Next AVL received attractive materials and a unique look that activated excitement for students and truly highlighted the “What’s in it for me?” for Asheville area college students. These materials also effectively communicated to professionals why participating in helping these students can transform the community in a positive way and how it can bolster them through experience in mentorship and leadership.

The Work