The Big Idea

White Labs is an educational center, laboratory and experimental restaurant and pub. They provide “The Cultivated Experience” for people with varying levels of interest in beer and brewing.  

First, they cultivate high-quality, pure yeast and laboratory equipment to brewers of various levels. Second, they provide related education including classes, events and tours that are open to the public. Finally, their kitchen and taproom provides a fun experience for people using food that contains yeast and yeast flight pairings. 

White Labs wants to be known for the collective experience that it provides. It also wants to combine all these services into one cohesive message so that their purpose and mission are clear to all potential customers. They want to be the go-to supplier for yeast and lab equipment as well as a fun location for people of all ages and interests to tour, eat and drink.

The Strategy

Kudzu Brands partnered with White Labs to create a branded environment and walking tour of their facility in order for guests to truly understand “The Cultivated Experience”. Together, we collaboratively identified and created talking points and interactive graphics to guide users through the process White Labs uses to create their products. Kudzu Brands worked with a premier print partner to have the graphics and artwork installed in the organization. 

The Impact

With the help of Kudzu Brands, White Labs now offers a self-guided walking tour of their facility that enhances the overall experience visitors have when they come to their space. This unique and educational branded environment makes for a fun experience when visiting their taproom and restaurant. Overall, the impact of this interactive space has further solidified the White Labs brand within their existing space. 

The Work