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With all the cyberspace content creators, influencers, and platforms to post on, how much do you know about genuine, robust content marketing? You know, the kind of content marketing that 93 percent of companies try to deliver when (and where) you’re most likely to engage. 

Whether you’re a seasoned marketing professional or someone new to content marketing management, our quiz offers fresh insights to strengthen your next strategy

“Companies are vying for a limited market share and generating memorable content converts to sales.”

Content Marketing (101)

Your business’s target audience is inundated with daily content. Capturing and maintaining their attention has never been more challenging or important. Companies are vying for a limited market share and generating memorable content converts to sales. It’s all in how you show up for them, so they’ll show up for you. 

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Reach your audience using one or more of a growing list of methods, including e-newsletters, digital advertising, social media, blogs, and print media. Engage thoughtfully with customers using a strategic cadence that emotionally resonates and compels them to take action

Content Marketing IQ

Interpreting the Results

Content marketers require a wide skill set in order to develop and implement a range of tactics. Keeping up with the latest trends and tools is almost its own job. 

Regardless of your current knowledge level, understanding content marketing is crucial for business profitability today. The chances of success are exponentially higher with a robust content strategy. Your plan will perform well if it focuses on essential elements, including SEO, social media, and clear KPIs with brand messaging that resonates with customers. 

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