What is This Brand Language?

What is This Brand Language?

When you work with Kudzu Brands to develop a brand for your business,  we always begin by developing your “brand language”. It is our belief that the words you use to describe your business are the foundation of your brand. When positive words become strongly associated with a brand, these words can become assets—to the point that competing brands may find the words difficult to use.

Disney’s Brand Language

For example, in his book Brand Sense (Kogan Page, 2005) Martin Lindstrom quotes extensive word association research demonstrating the strong link between the words “magic” and “kingdom” and Disney. Disney appears to have made a successful investment in “owning” these words. Lindstrom’s studies found that Disney has the highest number of words that are associated with one specific brand (among brands that were surveyed).

Along with “magic” and “kingdom” Disney has been shown to have branded the words: “dreams,” “creativity,” “fantasy,” “smiles” and “generation”. The study that he conducted asked people to associate those words with a brand and over 80% of people asked said that they thought of Disney. Part of the reason that Disney has been so successful is that they are able to seamlessly integrate traditional and new media markets in a way that allows them to reach large audiences with a stable continuous message.

Brand Language Development

In Brand Sense, Lindstrom says brand language starts from the bottom up and “not suddenly placed on top like a piece of decorative icing”. Brands should deliver brand language consistently through all formal delivery channels. With the expansion of social media and online marketing, there is a new market for the use of brand language. Companies use the right brand language to engage with multiple audiences and spread their message through a variety of marketing channels. Brand language is present wherever written and spoken language is used including:

  • recruitment
  • corporate communications
  • investor relations
  • sales presentations
  • conference speaking
  • retail staff

Internally, companies deliver brand language through internal presentations, staff conferences and through intranet sites.

Brand language has many internal and external contributors, and this diversity of sources makes it very difficult to control brand language. A brand’s visual identity is usually more controllable because a central source (usually a design agency) produces the visual identity. It is usually delivered with a set of design guidelines to ensure the consistency. Brand managers can identify variations from these guidelines relatively easily.

Brand Writers

This new emphasis on brand language has led to the emergence of a new breed of writers – a hybrid of brand consultant and word expert, with a good dose of consumer psychology and change management know-how in the mix. This new breed are brand writers – the kind of people who can take corporate and brand strategy and create a style of communication that supports and accelerates those business goals. To effectively develop your brand language, work with the brand experts at Kudzu Brands.

Article source: Wikipedia, Kudzu Brands and Brand Sense by Martin Lindstrom

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