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What is Your “What”?

What is Your “What”?

It’s official America loves small business!! A recent Gallup poll showed that 70% of Americans are in favor of supporting their local businesses. So, that is the good news.  There are about 130 million small businesses in the United States with 145,000 opening each year. And, of those, only 20% survive. Yikes. That’s the tough news.

So, as a small business, how do you grow and thrive and get yourself into that 20%?? By differentiating yourself…by standing out …by planting your business firmly in your potential customer’s minds!

To do that, you need to clearly define who you are and what you can do….rain or shine. You need to know what is your “what” (also known as your unique selling proposition). Once you know your “what”, you must clearly (and creatively!) communicate it frequently and consistently for as long as you are in business!

 Here are 5 easy steps for you to get growing on this very important piece of your marketing strategy:

  1. What’s So Special?  What service or product do you offer that no one else does or can? What would you put up barbed wire to keep your competitors from stealing from your field? Are you a realtor who promises to give 2% of all closing costs back to the community? Are you a grocer who tosses a piece of fresh fruit into every grocery bag, just because? Are you a hair stylist who takes photos of her clients and pops them into a hairstyle simulator before any snips are made? No? Well, you need to be! What is the one thing you can offer that no one else can? Figure it out and…spread the word!
  2. Stuck in an Elevator: If you had only :30 seconds, or from the 1st to the 10th floor to land your biggest client, what would you say? Write it down. And, then boil it down to :30 seconds or 85-words. Because if you don’t they are going to jump off the elevator and be gone forever. And go…
  3. Get All Emotional: People don’t buy a diamond because they want to spend a month’s salary on a rock someone dug out of the dirt! They do it because of emotion. They want their girlfriend to be happy! Believe me, no one wants an unhappy girlfriend. What do you offer that would make people genuinely want to squeeze and kiss your face with happiness?? Find out and then yell it from the rooftops every day in every way!
  4. Mission Impossible? What is your mission? Your purpose for putting feet to the floor every morning? Your mission needs to be known. It creates a genuine connection between you and your potential customers. People care why you are in business and why you want to do business with them. Why? Because it shows you care.
  5. WIFM, Man? What is your WIFM (What’s in it for me??) If I do business with you, what do I get out of it? No offense…but it’s really not about you. If you have been in business since 1892…who cares if you can’t meet my needs or solve my problem or make me…happy. But, if being in business since 1892 means you can do those things better…I need to know!

Kudzu Branding Co. is committed to seeing your business, everywhere. You can use Kudzu for a single graphic design or website project, but we are at our best when working as a brand ambassador for all of your marketing projects. From developing your identity or designing your website or collateral, we love what we do and it shows in everything we do for you. Email to receive a quote for your business. We offer small businesses a one-hour Growth Spurt Consultation for $250. We promise you will leave this consulting session with at least one idea to grow your business. Contact us here:

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