The Big Idea

The Her Two Cents podcast is a platform designed to encourage and empower women about money. Founders and co-hosts Laura Webb and Faith Doyle, both experienced “money mavens,” offer a multigenerational perspective on all things financial. Her Two Cents strives to help women who feel overwhelmed or underprepared when it comes to money matters such as debt, credit, and investments, and help them take an active role in understanding and building their financial futures.

The Strategy

Kudzu was excited to create a unique brand mark that embodied the strong, feminist persona that is Her Two Cents. The combination of multiple colors and fonts hint at the diversity of every person’s money story and paired perfectly with the classic microphone icon, signalling the brand’s podcast focus. The newly established brand laid the foundation for an elegant, one page website focusing on the podcast’s content and it’s charismatic creators!

The Impact

The Her Two Cents brand made a splash in the market from day one with its creators actively partnering with local and regional experts to bring relevant, finance focused content to women around the country. Their brand and website have flourished, extending to multiple social media platforms and their podcast content is available wherever you get your podcasts!

The Work