The Big Idea

Mountain Electronics, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company that focuses on the repair of computer boards for commercial laundry facilities, as well as maintaining a catalog of refurbished computer boards for laundromats to purchase directly from their website. Their focus on refurbished boards saves their customers money and protects the environment from unnecessarily adding to landfills.

The Strategy

To aid in Mountain Electronics’ journey, Kudzu revamped the company’s logo by updating the color palette and creating an icon that reinforces their brand position. Kudzu also directed and managed the production of a video and photography to support Mountain Electronics’ new look. Finally, Kudzu designed a beautiful booth for Mountain Electronics’ first trade show.

Kudzu helped us define our brand story, create a fantastic logo, make a beautiful trade show booth, and assisted with creating a wonderful video. For 17 years, we’d designed our own logo and marketing materials. However, hiring professionals from Kudzu was a game changer for us. I am really proud of our new brand and have gotten lots of positive feedback from our customers, vendors, and employees. Kudzu made this process easy for us, and they worked with our timeline to help keep us on track and make sure everything was ordered in time for the trade show. I’m so appreciative of their help!”

– Whitney Brasington, CFO
Mountain Electronics, Inc.

The Impact

Mountain Electronics was thrilled with Kudzu’s fresh approach to their branding. The company now has the assets to update the aesthetic of their office documents, website, and beyond; as well as the graphics they can continue to use in their booth in future trade shows.

The Work