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Murphy Funkhouser Capps of Kudzu Brands is a standout in the crowd of branding experts.  Her experience and enthusiasm, coupled with the historical knowledge of her team will help catapult your business brand and product.  When she speaks to a crowd, she is truly engaging and commands their attention.  It’s obvious they know they’re getting a lesson from one of the best. Amy Jackson, Director of Engagement – Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

MURPHY FUNKHOUSER CAPPS is the CEO, chief brand strategist and creative director at Kudzu Brands. She is also a writer, performer and speaker who specializes in creativity and storytelling in business.

Murphy co-founded the Bonfire Storytelling for Business Success Conference in 2016.

Murphy frequently speaks at UNC-Asheville, AB Tech and Blue Ridge Community College, guiding entrepreneurs, marketers, and other small business owners. Murphy has worked for two decades in corporate training, management, marketing, and branding. She is a graduate of Leadership Asheville, Class 29, a member of the United Way Women’s Leadership Group, and serves on the UNC-Asheville Management and Accountancy Department Advisory Board.

Murphy co-founded, and will act as a facilitator, at the inaugural Bonfire Conference coming to Asheville in the fall of 2016. This engaging, two-­day TEDx-style conference will teach business and nonprofit leaders how to use storytelling for business success.

Topics/Areas of Expertise:

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Training
  • Inspiration
  • Small Business
  • Creativity
  • Storytelling
  • Support for Female Business Owners

The Keys to Branding Success-Growing a Sustainable Brand

Murphy presents an engaging analysis of the difference between branding and marketing, exploring how the two can work together to plant and grow a business in the market. Murphy emphasizes the importance of frequency, consistency and emotional anchoring. Using case studies, she outlines the concrete steps that any business owner can take to maximize their marketing budgets. Audience members will walk away with a clear understanding of the three (easily repeatable) keys to great branding. This talk is followed by an interactive and informative Q & A session.

Murphy gave this presentation as the keynote speaker of the 2016 Branding Summit at Blue Ridge Community College.

It’s Okay, You Can Cry Now

Murphy presents an engaging talk on the unique challenges that small business owners face. This talk encompasses how small business owners may struggle with over-nurturing the business, taking on too many tasks and responsibilities, as well as how difficult it can be to ask for help.

Murphy also speaks on the very special challenges that come with working alongside your spouse. In this inspirational presentation, based on her own personal stories, Murphy provides small business owners support, love and guidance as well as strategies for getting through the day so that you can confidently take your business to the next level, with as few tears as possible.

Check Your Business Baggage

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Murphy is a playwright and performer. Murphy’s original one­-woman play, Crazy Bag, won multiple awards at the Colorado Theatre Festival and was nominated for a Denver Post Ovation Award. Her newest play, Carry On, premiers on the new Asheville Community Theatre Mainstage in September 2017.

Murphy brought her business and theatre worlds together with the talk “Check Your Business Baggage”. In this tactical and inspirational talk, Murphy provides insight on what you might be bringing into your business that is preventing your success. Everything from martyrdom to pride to fear can cause problems for business owners and limit the growth of your business. Carrying on and carrying it all is a fine balance and one that Murphy addresses with sensitivity, practicality and grace.

Learn more about Murphy’s theatre and speaking here.