Our Process

Where Creativity & Strategy Intertwine

If you do what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten. 

You just can’t move the meter with predictable or inauthentic marketing and designs. Real matters. 

To begin, we use a proven process to uncover your authentic brand story. Then, we intertwine that story with great creative.

Finally, we challenge you to keep going bigger with strategies and ideas to plant your brand permanently in the market.

Most importantly, everything we do is with your growth in mind. We do not begin any brand, graphic or website design project without first understanding your goals, your industry and what motivates your ideal customer to do business with you.

Let Kudzu Take Over

While you are taking over the world with your growing business or organization, let Kudzu make your life easier and your growth more manageable:


The Kudzu Process

STEP ONE: Discovery-Uncovering Your Unique Story

Through our proven Discovery process, we uncover your authentic brand story, getting to the heart of your businesses and clearly identifying what is going to excite your target customer about you. From this process emerges the document we call “Your Brand Story” which contains the strategies we will use to grow your brand.

STEP TWO: Planting the Seeds

After the Discovery process, we will intertwine our thoughtful strategies with great creative, beautiful photography and skillful design to tell your story in a way that will take root in the heart and minds of your ideal client.  We will then present (lots of) ideas and ways you can manifest your brand into the market.

STEP THREE: Cultivation

Once your brand is developed and your designs complete, Let Kudzu take over with supportive and effective brand management which includes strategy, marketing planning, design, and PR. Our team of experts will work like “guerillas in the kudzu” cultivating your brand and ensuring that you “see your business everywhere!”