The Big Idea

Morgan-Keefe Builders crafts homes inspired by the beautiful landscapes surrounding the Western Carolina Mountains and the Upstate Region. Each home they build reflects the highest degree of craftsmanship and an intentional orchestration of their client’s personal style. Essentially, they create living works of art. Their big idea is to be known as WNC and Upstate South Carolina’s premier luxury building partner. Additionally, they want to utilize their expertise to expand their service offerings to home plans and home renovations.

Recent Look Book from MKB.

The Strategy

Kudzu Brands has worked with Morgan-Keefe Builders since 2018 to consistently grow the company and help them reach their goals. In 2020, Morgan-Keefe worked with Kudzu Brands to undergo a brand elevation. This included a revised and evolved brand image and accompanying collateral including a new, refreshed website.

Recent Look Book from MKB.

The Impact

Since working with Kudzu Brands, Morgan-Keefe continues to expand their product offerings and sees increased sales in luxury home building. Their continued work with us created a trusting partnership that allows us to broaden their reach and become the area’s most exclusive building brand. The Morgan-Keefe name is synonymous with custom home building that caters to refined tastes and an eye for details. The addition of a new website with their elevated brand continues to position them as THE luxury home builder in the area. 

Morgan-Keefe Builders color palette.

The Work