The Big Idea

Appalachian Sitework, Inc. (ASI) is a multi-faceted, family-owned business specializing in diversified commercial infrastructure construction services. ASI came to Kudzu Brands wanting to increase their brand awareness and business using a professionally designed, UX-inspired website and strategic marketing plan development and implementation.

The Strategy

Kudzu began its work with ASI by crafting a brand story, distilling the company’s mission and values. To further prepare them for their branding needs, Kudzu’s team created a comprehensive asset library and style guide, including logo design in various file formats and brand color options. Kudzu designed and launched ASI’s attractive new website, utilizing stunning, curated, on-the-job photography and messaging from their custom brand story. Since then, Kudzu has partnered with ASI to implement digital and print promotional efforts, showcasing their specialized sitework solutions.

“Kudzu team – Thank you for all the support and enthusiasm for our business. It is truly appreciated!”

– Jason Ball

The Impact

ASI is recognized as a provider of superior utility, municipality, and civil engineering services. As a result, they have seen a significant increase in the scope and number of projects being awarded to their business.

The Work