The Big Idea

SanStone Health & Rehabilitation is a statewide organization that sets the standard for excellence, growth, and passion in health and rehabilitative care. SanStone, like many healthcare employers, found themselves in disequilibrium post-pandemic, with a shortage of skilled and support staff and an abundance of residents needing short and long-term care. SanStone came to Kudzu with their needs, and together, we crafted and implemented a massive, statewide recruiting initiative. Kudzu also supported SanStone with media buys, collateral development, photography, videography, and strategic guidance to support this ambitious hiring campaign.

The Strategy

Kudzu provided strategies to establish SanStone’s reputation as the premier employer for and provider of short-term rehabilitation and long-term care in North Carolina. Recommendations and marketing support were built around the following two successive goals:

  1. Ensure SanStone has the ability to provide the kind of service that supports this market position via recruitment of appropriate staff; and, 
  2. Maintain a cohesive brand experience across all properties.

The Impact

Since the SanStone market included the entire state of North Carolina, they required concrete indicators to show their investment was fruitful. Through multiple channels and reporting measures, SanStone is now able to track conversions and career form fills to unique strategies in each market they serve. Their unified campaign across the state, bolstered by local career fairs and hiring events, has lead to a significant increase in brand awareness, website traffic, employment applications, and hundreds of new employees.

The Work