The Big Idea

The Economic Development Coalition for Asheville-Buncombe County (EDC) and the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) identified an urgent need to address Buncombe County’s workforce issues and initiated the Inclusive Hiring Partners (IHP). 

The overarching problem is a gap in opportunity and exists across the country. The issue includes employment creation, inclusive workplaces, equitable hiring practices, diversified talent pools, and job growth and retention. IHP aims to solve these discrepancies. They are dedicated to developing  Asheville/Buncombe County’s workforce and building community through business by connecting and cultivating these relationships between employers, service providers, and job seekers.

In developing their mission to connect participants to opportunities, the IHP team reached out to Kudzu for assistance with building this initiative from the ground up. With the goal of creating a unified brand that speaks to three different audiences, we dove into this worthwhile project.

The Strategy

The Kudzu team started brand development by focusing on the employers, service providers, and job seekers. We established a logo and brand identity that captures themes of inclusivity, trust, and professionalism. IHP received branded messaging for use across all platforms and an employer profile template flexibly designed for ever-changing employment factors. Lastly, to satisfy IHP’s multiple collateral needs, Kudzu created engaging resource materials, including process descriptions for branded packets.

The Impact

In working with Inclusive Hiring Partners, Kudzu Brands took this new initiative from a list of goals and ideas to a clear, concise, and unique brand. With a complete toolbox in hand, the IHP team can now focus on the important work of connecting job seekers with local employers.

The Work