The Big Idea

Mirna Valerio is a well known social media influencer, speaker, and writer. She came to Kudzu seeking support to uplift her personal brand and provide impactful messaging that better defined her marketing efforts. Additionally, she wanted to develop a new website that effectively and powerfully told her personal success story. She wanted a website that could also facilitate speaking engagements and communicate to her prospective clients about upcoming events she participates in.

The Strategy

Kudzu helped Mirna Valerio to develop a brand that was as powerful and impactful as she is. We worked with Mirna to develop messaging that communicated her body positivity language and attract speaking engagements, sponsors, and ongoing engagement from clients and her fans. Additionally, an attractive website was developed that could effectively highlight her social media posts, her media highlights, videos and adventures.

The Impact

Mirna continues to grow in her notoriety as a speaker, writer and inspirer. With thousands of social media followers and multiple sponsors clamoring for her endorsement of their brand, Mirna is thrilled to have a beautiful website to showcase her impact. With her new brand and website, Mirna has been consistently contacted for speaking engagements – most recently as the keynote speaker for the Asheville Chamber of Commerce WomanUp Virtual Celebration. She has also recently become a spokesperson for companies like L.L. Bean, Merrell, and Hydroflask. 

The Work