The Big Idea

Webb Investment Services is a solution-oriented wealth management practice whose advisors work with clients of diverse backgrounds to manage wealth and create long-term financial plans. They wished to be known as the wealth management practice for successful individuals, particularly women. The firm’s founder, Laura Webb, is highly regarded as a female business leader and speaker in the Asheville area. She hoped to initially upgrade the brand aesthetic and create a new and sophisticated website. Additionally, she wanted to write and get published to build credibility for the brand, secure more speaking engagements and continue to attract higher quality, higher net-worth clients. Overall, her goal for Webb Investment Services was to become a sought-after wealth management practice recognized for their experience, expertise and financial planning.

Webb Investment Services offers financial planning.

The Strategy

Webb Investments sought to shift their positioning in the market from, “Just another financial advisory firm”, to the firm that, “Empowers successful individuals, particularly women, to take control and make intelligent decisions about their financial futures”. Additionally, they needed a new, more modernized website that effectively told their story and unique position to the community.

Webb Investment Services offers financial planning.

“Kudzu was an invaluable asset to our team. We could not have successfully put on our event without everything that they did for us. Thank you so much!”

Faith Doyle
Webb Investment Services, Inc.

Webb color palette

The Impact

Webb Investments continues to be a highly recognized and respected brand in the Asheville market. This legacy firm continues to grow and attract new clientele that are seeking effective professional counsel on how to invest their money with their values. Kudzu continues to support the brand with ongoing graphic design, strategy and fresh ideas as they continue to do their great work!

The Work