The Big Idea

UCL Swift North America (formerly America Ilsintech), a subsidiary of UCL Swift, is a nationwide provider of performance-engineered fiber optic components. As the North American flagship of this global company, UCL Swift NA wished to be the continent’s premier high precision technology company. Recognized for its superior quality products and exceptional customer service, UCL Swift NA aimed to expand its market presence and product offerings to better serve the North American market. Their parent company, UCL Swift (formerly Ilsintech) renamed and rebranded in 2019, and in order to better reflect the new global brand, UCL Swift NA also renamed and rebranded.

Fiber optic LC connectors are one of the many products offered by AI.

The Strategy

Kudzu and UCL Swift NA’s long-term partnership is based on a strong B2B strategy that provides measurable goals and tactics. As part of the rebrand, the new UCL Swift NA logo features the parent company’s font and color palette to establish a visual connection. The refreshed website, ads, literature, digital marketing, etc. sport a sleek style, strategic use of white space, modern fonts, and heavy product photography.

Fiber optic LC connectors are one of the many products offered by AI.

“We are so pleased with the work Kudzu Brands has done to redefine and establish our brand.  With this renewed direction, we are able to better compete in a global market.”

Brad Everette
UCL Swift

The Impact

Now fully aligned with their South Korean headquarters, UCL Swift NA continues to build on the momentum of their exceptional products and the buzz around their name change. The updated brand standards established by UCL Swift NA are now being used for their sister entities, UCL Swift Americas and UCL Swift CALA and we expect these standards to be incorporated by all global subsidiaries in the following months.

The Work