Refreshing Your Brand

Brands need to evolve and be “refreshed” to stay relevant. It is challenging to convince a consumer that you bring value or that you are staying up with the trends or adhering to the latest technologies when you have not updated the face of your company (your logo) since 1982.

From Apple to Shell to Pepsi, you can see the power of strategically updating, or refreshing, your brand every few years.

This strategy also applies to your marketing materials and your website.

Notable brand refreshes

It is important to note that a brand refresh does not have to be a complete overhaul. In fact, an overhaul can be harmful to your business and quite expensive. Brandmarks are powerful tools that communicate your brand story, and your value, very succinctly and effectively.  A complete or dramatic brand overhaul can stimulate fear or concern from your loyal customers and disrupt the equity you have been building with your brand.

A good brand refresh is one that is mindful of your resources, your long term sustainability, and your existing brand equity. A good brand refresh should seamlessly integrate into your existing company culture.

A good branding agency will be mindful of all of these things before recommending a re-brand.

See the gallery below to review some of the brand uplifts done by the team at Kudzu Brands.

If you are considering a brand refresh, we’d love to have a conversation about your goals and long-term growth.

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