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As a branding agency, Kudzu Brands is passionate about supporting multiple industries and getting to know that industry from the inside out. One that we’ve particularly enjoyed supporting is restorative medicine. Just like we enjoy delivering results to our clients, that makes them “feel and look better”, so do our restorative medicine clients.

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What is Restorative Medicine?

Restorative Medicine is exactly what it sounds like. It’s restorative! Regardless of how many supplements you’ve taken, how well you’ve eaten or how much you’ve exercised throughout your life, the truth is that your body will naturally shift over time. With age, hormones that have always kept our bodies healthy and running smoothly begin to decline, leading to natural occurrences such as menopause, the loss of skin elasticity, sleep issues, and more. In other cases, symptoms of a body out of balance may have nothing to do with age and are instead the result of genetics or physical events like pregnancy. To address these issues in people of all ages, restorative medicine utilizes various techniques and procedures to restore your body to its natural healthy state and improve long-term health.


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Our Work in the Industry

Kudzu Brands supported Biltmore Restorative Medicine & Aesthetics, a state-of-the-art facility that utilizes cutting-edge technology to help customers feel, look and love better every day. In addition to offering restorative practices such as hormone replacement for improved energy and health, this notable practice also provides a total body experience using cutting-edge aesthetic procedures to boost the look and overall vitality of the skin, hair, and body.

Where They Needed Growth

When Biltmore Restorative Medicine came to us, they envisioned crafting a level of prestige around their brand. They wanted to make the full scope of their services easily understood to their audience, to position themselves as the best choice for restorative medicine in the area, and of course, to boost their sales and recurring client base.

How We Supported Them

In order to help Biltmore Restorative Medicine achieve their goals, we crafted brand language to distinguish them from other restorative medicine practices in Western North Carolina. This language successfully positioned Dr. George Ibrahim and his staff as experts in the field. It communicated that the practice staff is professionally trained and committed to providing the best and highest quality results for their clients in a luxurious spa-like environment.

In terms of imagery, we provided the practice with high-quality fashion style photography to convey men and women, in their target demographic, looking their absolute best. The photography and brand language were then used in tandem to develop advertising for various local magazines, several radio stations, and digitally with online ads and social media as well as in-office promotional materials that encouraged retention and increased sales.

See their website, designed by Kudzu Brands here.


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“Kudzu Brands has been managing our brand for two years. Our sales are up 30% with appointments booked 2-months out.”

Dr. George Ibrahim, Biltmore Restorative Medicine

The Outcome of Our Support

Using their new messaging and refreshed look, Biltmore Restorative was able to establish themselves as one of the top restorative medicine practices in Western North Carolina and as a luxury brand. Over time, the practice has gained a loyal recurring customer base. Their monthly sales increased by 30% and appointments were booked out two months ahead.

Biltmore Restorative continues to grow the brand by setting industry standards for aesthetic practices to this day. 


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Are you a restorative medicine practice? If so, we are ready to support you in becoming established and well-known in your area! If you’re ready to take your business to the next level through a new brand, gorgeous marketing materials, advertising strategy, a beautiful new website, or social media support, contact Kudzu Brands today!