Hemp CBD Molecule

As a CBD business owner or entrepreneur, you already know that CBD is all the rage.

According to the Washington Post, “The Hemp Business Journal estimates that the hemp CBD market totaled $190 million last year in a category that didn’t exist five years ago.”

Now that’s proof that CBD is really taking off!

Consumers have been on the lookout for alternative and healthy solutions to common everyday issues such as chronic pain, stress, inflammation, and trouble sleeping for a long time. Despite the fact that CBD was not legal until very recently due to its association with the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, now it’s seen on nearly every corner, in every holistic foods store, and in shops dedicated entirely to the plant in the form of CBD oil, flowers, balms, lotions, tinctures, drinks, chocolates, and so much more!

Since it has become so popular, you might have noticed that the market is becoming quickly saturated. You’re probably finding that competition is at an all-time high and will only continue to be more so.

Standing out is challenging. But, it can be done. One of the best ways to be competitive is to get help. Here are some ways that we can help you market your unique CBD company or business.


How Kudzu Brands Can Support Your CBD Business

Craft the Lifestyle

Let’s compare the CBD industry to craft breweries. Using CBD, just like sipping on a cold stout, is a lifestyle in itself which relies on personal taste, values, and knowledge. Like beers, each CBD product is unique and contains special qualities. With that being said, we can help you craft a brand and determine that embodies your target audiences distinct lifestyles, values, and tastes!

Define Your Uniqueness

The market is saturated with breweries and has been for a very long time. How have breweries survived? They’ve defined what makes themselves different from everyone else. That way, people can choose which brewery they want to go to for a particular reason. Are you a company that only sells CBD tinctures for pets? Are you a medical supplier? Do you provide CBD oil specifically for pain? Do you create CBD cosmetics and bath salts? We can help you identify your niche and design your brand and marketing materials accordingly!

Design Your Look

This is the exciting part! Our talented team of designers can craft a look that is uniquely for you. We’ll start with a brand mark or logo that represents your business’ unique personality and market position. After that, we can craft anything from print advertisements to social media graphics to tell your unique story and “spread the word”.


Putting your brand out there is all about consistency as well as marketing in the right places to the right people. We can help you determine a plan of action and timeline, including social media marketing strategies, digital and print ad ideas, marketing campaigns, and much more and all with your budget and resources in mind.

Manage Your Brand

Once your brand has been built and perfected, it’s all about protecting and managing it. Kudzu Brands helps take some of the pressure off so that you can focus on the bigger details. We will manage your social media accounts with consistent, attractive and keyword-rich posting so that your viewers will be sure to remember you~

Investing in a branding agency is all about getting a team of experts behind you. As a business owner, you need to focus on the bigger details such as accounting, running the shop, product development, and so much more. Knowing that you have someone on your side that is growing your business along the way is the best investment you can make in your business and brand!

If you are a CBD business that’s ready to take off in the market, we are ready to support you in becoming established and well-known in your area. We are a full-service brand and marketing agency that has helped hundreds of growing businesses tell their story and make an impact in the market. Contact Kudzu Brands today!


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